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Window Shopping
BFA Thesis Exhibition 

April 6-15th, 2023

    Do you ever feel like you are being watched? Do you feel judgment from passing others on the street? Window shopping is the collection of ailments and intrusive thoughts as a result of high-functioning anxiety. Window shopping as an activity has always fascinated me. To look at something with either appreciation or apprehension just for the sole purpose of judgment to buy a product. As an individual suffering from high-functioning anxiety, I constantly feel like I am on display. Displayed in ways to please others, to attract, entice, or in some cases engage. 


​I grew up in the early 2000s consuming large quantities of media from magazines for the next fad dieting trend, “skinny” pills, 10 simple steps on how to be the “ideal woman”, or how to erase every imperfection to best attract the opposite sex. This overconsumption along with the generational trauma of being a woman has cultivated my interest in the 1950s housewife. Imagery in this exhibition has been appropriated from various sources from the 1950s-60s to reconsider the “ideal female” archetype. Imagery is layered with the text of intrusive thoughts or passing phrases that I have thought of and collected over the past two years. 

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